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The Invisible Villain

The issue is more more than 99% of parents across the society are illiterate and are unaware of:

1. The psychosocial aspect of kids

2. Emotional needs of kids

3. That they are NOT the Masters of their kids just 'coz they gave birth to them

Guys, stop this inhumane behavior to your own offspring!

Understand how age-wise kids

1. Undergo mental-behavioral changes

2. Their belief-system and value-system shape them giving rise to their own aspirations

Ages 12 through 16, very critical period in every individual's life. Their cognitive abilities force them to question and explore. You as parents are supposed to nurture their own self exploration and knowledge gathering.

The issue with parents is the attitude I know everything, you don't need to advise.

1. Is IIT or IIM or A US degree the only thing that makes your kid a successful person?

2. Can only specific institutions/patterns make your child successful? Can your child stay with you and pursue his (not your) dreams?

3. Have you taught your kids how to deal with success and failures?

4. Have you understood the genre/personality/genetic makeup of your kid?

You as parents build your kid's personality, his/her resilience, his/her cognitive ability, adaptability, emotional intelligence.

Identify your child, give him the right (scientifically selected) environment for success.

Most importantly, kids learn from you, your coping strategies, your defense strategies, your time management, your value-system & belief-system.

Dr. Cyril Kadam

Ayurvedic Neuropsychiatrist

Founder - Genesis Positive Health's MindCare Clinics

Helpline: +91-8291230630


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