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Suicide Rates 2.6 Times Higher in Indian Men Than Women

This silent pandemic has already demonstrated how virulent it can be, unnoticed by most of us. If we do not understand the enormity of the mental health pandemic, it's going to destroy societies across the globe, especially the compromised socioeconomic class.

1. In 2014, 89,129 men died by suicide as against 42,521 women. The ratio rose to 2.64 times in 2021. This year, 1,18,979 males died by suicide against 45,026 females.

2. The situation was even more concerning among married men. In 2021, married men recorded triple the suicide death rate - deaths per one lakh people - of 24.3 compared to women where this figure was 8.4.

3. The study on changing patterns of suicide in India pointed out that family problems and health issues were two major factors behind the rising vulnerability of Indian men to suicide.


1. Your mental health is very important, equally or more so than physical health, the cause being the higher destructive capability of a mental disease toward the family's wellness. The second cause being, it is transmissible. Yes, the only difference is it doesn't need a vector or medium to transmit. It's due to co-living and change in behavioral tenacity in an unaffected person when exposed to a family member with a mental illness.

2. The infliction process involved is too insidious, you never come to know when you started exhibiting symptoms. Also, it's like cancer, you do not get to know when it's progressed from neurosis to psychosis, the latter being a more dangerous version of the mental disorder.

3. During physical illness, you are able to work in cases where the severity isn't too high, but a minor mental health compromises your ability to focus and your productivity way too more.

4. Mind takes a much longer time to heal than the bodily tissues and organs. Medical science has progressed to allow us to transplant organs and stay alive and healthy, but there's nothing called Mind Transplant.

5. We take our mind too casually and are least bothered about it's wellbeing. This happens due to lack of knowledge, what are mental illnesses, their causes; it's relationship with diet, relationships, professional stress; and our tendency to assign a pseudofactor to mind.

6. We know that eating some unhygienic food can cause food poisoning and we know how much physical trouble it involves. We do not know the severity and extent of damage to mental health a bad behavior/incident can have on a person.

7. Most importantly, for Preventive Medicine in physical health you need a lot of costly food items and vaccines. However, to prevent Mental Illnesses, you need Love & Care, both free of cost.

A humble appeal to all, "mind cannot be replaced with a new one, it's care is utmost essential"

Stay informed about mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, OCD, schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, etc. Mental Illnesses are like any other physical illnesses, anyone can get them, and everyone gets them once in their lifetime. It's not a shameful thing. Recognizing early symptoms is key to good recovery.

Seek timely professional help. Do not resort to Babas or other "bhoot-utarne walas."


Let's together say, "Yes, we will not lose our lives to a mental illness". Let's STOP suicides!

Genesis Positive Health's MindCare Clinic's 24x7 helpline is available to all in need. Take care!

Dr. Cyril Kadam

Ayurvedic Neuropsychiatrist

Founder - Genesis Positive Health's MindCare Clinics

Helpline: +91-8291230630

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