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Meet Our Team

Genesis Positive Health has provided its patients with a cure to their long-standing diseases without much response using other medical approaches. Its specialization, The Mind Clinic, has seen patients get rid of mental conditions, being back to normal life without needing chemicals/drugs with Ayurvedic interventions. All this is possible with the doctors, the therapists, and the associated team members to give the patients the holistic experience.


Dr. Cyril Kadam

Founder & Chief Health Mentor

With over 30 years of experience working with patients and specializing in the field of neuropsychiatry, Dr. Cyril Kadam has been a pioneer in establishing The Mind Clinic concept in India with 3 centers in Maharashtra and progressing toward multiple centers in India. He teaches Neuroscience & Anthropology at the Mumbai University-GICED's Masters Program in Emotional Intelligence. His vision to integrate the best from the Vedic wisdom and modern psychology is immensely welcomed and proven a life changer to many.  


Dr. Jyotsna Gundecha

Associate Physician & Certified Yoga Therapist 

A certified homoeopath and a Masters in Yoga, Dr. Jyotsna brings in her integrative wellness experience of over 15 years, specialized in Therapeutic Yoga and Reiki. She has had an extensive experience in organizing and managing Wellness Retreats globally. With Genesis Positive Health, Dr. Jyotsna heads the Wellness Retreats division.   


Sarika Desai

Wellbeing Coach 

Sarika Desai is a certified IT & Project Management professional diversified into Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Intelligence with a Masters Degree in EI from the University of Mumbai. An eminent Life Coach & a counsellor, Sarika has been transforming lives of her patients in the corporate world with her Life Coaching  & Soft Skills expertise. At Genesis Positive Health, Sarika handles the corporate soft skills program. 


Sheeba Nair

Transformation Coach 

Sheeba Nair is an ICF certified Life Coach and a certified Transformation Coach with 20 years of industry experience assisting and coaching the C-Suite members & Board of Directors of multibillion dollar organizations. At Genesis Positive Health, Sheeba works with tour corporate patients on the Transformation aspect of their lives through her Life Coaching skills and experience.

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