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Most often than not school kids and even their parents get confused on the question, "What have you planned to do in life?" Why do we not know?

Many a times parents are seen forcing their children for a particular career path without knowing if that child has the aptitude, liking, and ability to fulfil the requirements of that career option. This in today's world is the leading cause for mental issues in children and in the recent times have given rise to increased suicidal tendencies when the right fit does not happen.

There are most of the adults who fall prey to the midlife crisis, an event destined to happen if the personality, skills, cognitive profile are not matching their job profile. Why does this happen?

Major Reasons

1. Not aware of the innate qualities of the personality traits

2. Not aware of inborn life skills

3. Ignorant about the Learning Profile (learning pattern, memory)

4. Unaware of the best suited professional opportunities based on personality type & life skills

SPAR stands for Student Personality & Aptitude Review. It is a unique psychometric test specially created for kids of the age between 12 & 18 years. This psychometric analytical assessment is designed by a Psychometrist & Physician specialized in Cognitive Neuroscience, Teaching, Psychology & Life Coaching in collaboration with Parents & Teachers. SPAR helps the students to know:

1. Who Am I

Personality identification helps students with their own behavioral traits along with known predisposition to type of physical & mental health issues throughout their life thus understanding the best suitable diet, lifestyle, and job profile. This ensures least chances of falling ill in childhood and adulthood. It also ensures potential social relationship avenues for improvement and best suitable methods for social influencing.

2. What Qualities Am I Born With

SPAR identifies inborn qualities & abilities along with their weaknesses thereby allowing them to know avenues of success & unpleasant experiences in life.

3. What is my Preferred Learning Pattern

Every individual is unique and has his/her own preferred style of understanding and learning, which depends on a lot of factors including the genetic makeup and the childhood upbringing. SPAR the student's best deal in learning thereby getting to know the best practices in studying and memorizing. It helps in adopting the best styles and tools for preparing for academic success.

4. What is the best suitable academic domain and the professional field for life success

Utilizing the knowledge of inherent strengths & weaknesses, the learning profile, and the life skills-aptitude potential, SPAR helps students to take a scientifically calculated approach toward deciding their career path and set the right goal in their professional life.


The uniqueness of SPAR resides in its collaborative integration of 4 types of personality identification methods (Vedic & Modern) - MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), Prakriti (Ayurveda), DiSC (most often used by Corporate World), and Types A/B (Modern Medical based on presence of specific protein in the body) to identify the most accurate personality traits of the child. This allows for most accurate predictions of preventive physical-mental-social health and identification of the best-suited professional path.


A total of 6 important life skills are tested and reviewed from the perspective of future professional benefit. These are as below:

  1. Comprehension

  2. Logical Reasoning

  3. Numerical Ability

  4. Verbal Aptitude

  5. Nonverbal Reasoning

  6. Mechanical Reasoning

Comparative assessment makes it easy to comprehend the best suitable professional domain.


Interaction between the Personality Traits of the child with the Sensory Method of Learning (visual, auditory, & kinesthetic) forms the basis of the best learning experiences for the child. SPAR identifies the child's sensory system and links that to the child's personality to create the Cognitive Profile. Utilizing this Cognitive Profile helps the parents and the child's teachers to best adopt their teaching methodologies augmenting easy academic learning as well as social skills.


Based on the Personality Traits, Life Skills, & Cognitive Profile, the best suitable academic and professional domains are suggested that would enable life success without much compromise in the wellbeing of the child.


Health recommendations on the basis of Prakriti, Type A/B type, DiSC type, the current health parameters, diet preferences & lifestyle are provided to ensure a healthy adolescence and adult life.

Start your SPAR Assessment

  • You can attempt this assessment with no preparation.

  • All you need is just a reliable internet connection.

  • Do not use a calculator.

  • Do not use Google to check for any answers. 

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