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Āyurveda Consultation


Inhouse & Online Consultations

Our doctors are available at all three locations for Āyurvedic consultations via voice call, video call, and in-person during our working hours.

Pre-pančakarma consultation services are scheduled at least 2 days before planning to commence your Pančakarma.

What Happens During Ayurveda Consultation?

  • Once you have registered for your Āyurvedic Consultation, you will receive a link to your registered mobile number, which will prompt you to fill the Prakrti Assessment Form. This will let you know your Prakrti (Physical & Mental Constitution).

  • The day of your Āyurvedic Consultation you are supposed to carry the following:

    • Your Prakrti Report

    • Your recently done pathology test reports

    • All other investigations including MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, ECG, echocardiography, etc.

    • All your previous prescriptions and hospital discharge summaries

  • The clinical assistant will be recording your vital readings including your weight, pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.

  • Our doctor will take your history of the presenting illness and do the physical examination, including Darshan & Sparsha Pariksha to include your Nadi Pariksha,

  • Once the diagnosis is done, you will be explained the disease condition, how it was caused, and the related treatment protocol.

Tel: +91-8291230630

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