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Ayurvedic Retreats

In this era of urbanization, we have forgotten what living in nature, our very first habitat, is like and have invited innumerable consequences, lifestyle diseases being the major ones. 

It is our initiative to rekindle the experiences of our natural habitat and stimulate the inner self in the lap of mother nature. Our Āyurvedic Retreats offer this unique combination of staying in nature, following a Sātvik diet with digital detox, Āyurvedic lifestyle including mud soap baths, herbal water and drinks, Yoga & Meditation, Āyurvedic detox (pančakarma) that includes Āyurvedic massages (abhyanga), Nasya & Shirodhārā procedures. This is accompanied with Music Therapy and special discourses by experts on Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and ancient Vedic wisdom, all planned to shift your habitual living to a more healthy fortified life with better immunity & vitality.



Experience a new self after each retreat that you attend



Your stress vanishes and you feel a lighter you!


Improved Metabolism

The detox with prescribed diet according to Rutučarcya and your Prakrti ensure your metabolism is improved 


Improved Immunity

With the therapies, diet & lifestyle provided, your physical & mental immunity will be enhanced 


Professional  Success

With you optimal metabolism, tissue detox, mind cleansing & mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence practices, professional success is sure to follow

Who Should Attend

Everyone in the age group of 12 to 60 years should ideally attend these retreats once a year. We highly recommend the following group of persons attend it.



Extremely beneficial for Doctors, Lawyers, Police Personnel, Accountants, ATCs encountering enormous work stress



Women tirelessly managing domestic chores, suffering from deficiencies, hyperacidity, & hormonal disturbances


Corporate Executives

Corporates working long hours in odd time zones, under constant pressure of performance


Persons with Mind Health Issues

Patients suffering from anxiety, depression, sleep issues, behavioral issues, mood disorders, and memory loss



Students preparing for competitive exams like Board Exams, UPSC, NEET, & IIT under constant peer pressure  


In Tough Times

Persons undergoing challenging times in personal life facing coping issues affecting physical & mental wellness

Retreat Packages

Group Bookings

Avail a group discount on your bookings for groups greater than 3 persons. To get the best package, fill the below details and submit.

Thanks for submitting! Allow us to call you.

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