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Practical Stoicism - The Art of Ancient Mediterranean Living

First, let us briefly understand Stoicism:

Stoicism originated as a Hellenistic philosophy, founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium (modern day Cyprus), c. 300 B.C.E. It was influenced by Socrates and the Cynics, and it engaged in vigorous debates with the Skeptics, the Academics, and the Epicureans. The name comes from the Stoa Poikile, or painted porch, an open market in Athens where the original Stoics used to meet and teach philosophy.

It influenced Christianity, as well as a number of major philosophical figures throughout the ages and in the early 21st century saw a revival as a practical philosophy associated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and similar approaches (so now you get to know why I chose to write on Stoicism)

The Meditations, the thoughts of a philosopher-king, have been considered by many generations one of the great books of all times. Although they were Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius' own thoughts, they were not original.

They are basically the moral tenets of Stoicism, learned from Epictetus, viz.,

[A] The cosmos is a unity governed by an intelligence

[B] The human soul is a part of that divine intelligence and can therefore stand, if naked and alone, at least pure and undefiled, amid chaos and futility.

Aurelius advocated principles of moderation, emotional resilience, and moral righteousness that we can implement just as helpful today. By focusing on what we control, accepting change with courage, and dutifully serving society, Aurelius demonstrated how Stoicism allows for maintaining stability and living in harmony with nature.

Stoic Teachings of Marcus Aurelius Our Society Desperately Needs Today:

1. Live according to Nature

2. Focus your energy wisely

3. Manage your perspective

4. Accept change courageously

5. Reflect on mortality

6. Progress over Perfection

7. Cultivate Relationships

8. Overcome Anger with Reason

9. Find Joy in Simple Pleasures

10. Do your Duty

Marcus Aurelius' wisdom highlights the importance of community, virtue, moderation, and perseverance in today's world.

Feel free to talk to us for helping you understand & implement these principles in your life.

Happy Learning & Meaningful Living!

Dr. Cyril Kadam

Ayurvedic Neuropsychiatrist

Founder - Genesis Positive Health's MindCare Clinics |  +91-8291230630

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