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Dinacharyā - 001

Meal timing is emerging as an important aspect of nutrition that may influence physical health - a study done in Brigham & Women's Hospital, Massachusetts, US (Reference 1).

Drawing your attention to Dinacharya (as well Rutucharya) as specified by Ayurveda.

Over a period of time probably investigative/experimental Ayurveda will become obsolete as much of its concepts will be proved by the reductionist followers, albeit in pieces, with near-correct outcomes as mentioned in Ayurved.

How Important is Breakfast for your Brain?

Researchers found skipping breakfast increases the risk of cognitive decline in middle-to-old age, while maintaining a temporal distribution of energy intake during a day helps maintain cognitive health.

Globally, there are approximately 55 million people who suffer from dementia (loss of memory, as a factor of cognitive decline), and the incidence of the disease has steadily increased. The number of the population is expected to triple by 2050, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. Dementia affects not only the quality of life of individuals, but also adds significant economic burdens to families and society.

Cautionary Note

Patients suffering from depression who are taking antidepressant medication (tricyclic antidepressant drugs) are already at a higher risk of developing dementia due to the drug


1. Do not take forgetfulness casually.

2. Do NOT skip breakfast. It's a very important meal for all, especially so for diabetics.

3. Have your breakfast after a good routine Dinacharya of gandush (oil pulling) and overnight soaked almonds (3-4)

4. Ensure you have a healthy mix of cereal to include carbohydrates (avoid refined carbohydrates like maida products), milk &/or eggs for your proteins & calcium, some amount of fatty food like ghrita/ghee on your chapatis/parathas/sandwiches, & a good amount of fiber (veggies or fresh fruits) along with a probiotic like yoghurt or a prebiotic like garlic in your recipes or legumes.

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